Particulars of National Silkworm Seed Organization, its functions and duties.

National Silkworm Seed Organization is a separate entity under Central Silk Board, established in the year  1975   to  supplement  the   efforts  of   State  Governments  in  supplying  high quality  Bivoltine  and Multibivoltine silkworm seeds to the farmers. It has a mandate to maintain, multiply and supply authorized silkworm stocks, production and supply of quality industrial silkworm seeds and transfer of technologies in the field to improve the productivity and quality of silk.

Complete particulars of National Silkworm Seed Organization  including its functions, duties, organizationsal structure  etc. is given in  NSSO website "".

Powers and duties of Officers and Employees

Powers and duties of CSB Officers and Employees

  1. Financial Powers of the Director
  2. Administrative Powers of Director
  3. Disciplinary Powers

The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability


  •  All receipts are put-up by concerned case workers subject wise to their supervisor viz., Superintendent / Assistant  Superintendent.
  • All the files put-up by case worker are examined, suggested and forwarded by the Supdt. / Asst. Supdt to the Sectional heads viz., Assistant Director (Administration & Accounts ) Establishment and Account Section.
  • All such files are then categorized in accordance with delegation of powers at the level of Section Officer and accordingly disposed.
  • Files requiring sanction / approval of the level of Divisional head and Head of office  are then segregated and sent to Divisional Head viz., Deputy Director (A & A). Such files scrutinized and separated according to delegation of powers to the Divisional Head & Head of office. The files which can be disposed at Deputy Director ( A & A) level are accordingly disposed but remaining files / cases are referred to Head of office. Accordingly the accountability has been fixed at different points of disposal.  So is the channels of supervision included in the procedure.


  • Annual Action Plan is prepared and forwarded to Central Silk Board, Bangalore for approval.
  • Grants are obtained for various expenses from Central Silk Board, Bangalore.
  •  Expenditure are incurred in accordance with Annual Action Plan.
  • Monthly accounts and annual accounts are rendered to Central Silk Board, Bangalore as a testimony of utilization of fund.
  •  Annual accounts, purchase proposal et, are audited by the Internal audit, Central Silk Board, Bangalore and Account General, C.G., who furnishes true and fair certificate..


      ·     Procedure for store purchase as mentioned in G.F.R., are being followed scrupulously and as per the guide lines issued by                                              Central Silk Board and Central Vigilance Commission from time to time.


Norms set by it for the discharge of CSB
NSSO and its sub-units has adopted/ followed the rules and mannuals of Government of India i.e. FRSR, GFRs etc. as in Central Silk Board. Moreover, Central Silk Board has its own act called CSB Act, 1948 and CSB Rules, 1955. In addition to that, Labour norms, discharge of various functions, norms for employment are set by Central Silk Board. Repairs and maintenance of vehicles are made following the procedure laid down under G.F.R. Repair of buildings are entrusted to CPWD. Procurement, awards of contracts are lined up based on the provision of G.F.R. and also followed the guidelines of Central Silk Board as issued from time to time. Sanction of Study Leave is considered following CCS (Leave) Rules, 1965 and this is sanctioned by the Member Secretary, Central Silk Board, Bangalore depending upon its merit.
The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions.
  1. The progress of  projects are recorded/documented and preserved. Besides, News letters and Annual reports of the Organization are published and circulated for information and kept for record purpose.
  2. The recommendations/suggestions/guidance provided by SAC are documented, circulated among scientists and other technical staff for compliance.
  3. NSSO publishes hand books, manuals, handouts seminar proceedings and other technical documents for Sericulturists.
  1. The NSSO H.O. and its sub-units are adopting the rules adopted by Central Silk Board such as FRSR, GFR, CCS(CCA) Rules, CCS (Conduct) Rules, CCS (Leave) Rules, Rension Rules, GPF Rules, General Rules, T.A. Rules, LTC Rules, Rules for Children Education allowance, House building advance, Recruitment rules, etc.
  2. As far as Time scale Farm Workers are concerned the rules framed by Central Silk Board is followed.
  3. Specific instructions / orders issued by Central Silk Board from time to time in the matters related to general administration, technical work, stores purchases and vigilance are followed.
  4. Records pertaining to administration, assets are maintained by the administration Section and audited by Internal Audit and AG Audit.
A Statement for the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control.
  1. Annual Reports, Annual Action Plan & Annual Budget, Documents of regular correspondences, office notes, orders, memorandums, reports, vouchers, bills, vehicles, land, etc.
  2. Registers like dead stock, assets, consumable, stationery, quotation, advance payment, bill, EMD/SD, accession, log books of vehicles and machines, attendance of all grades, service register of all staff and TSFWs, etc.
  3. Proceedings/ minutes of SAC and other meetings. In addition to above, all NSSO and units Publications.
A Statement of the Boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible
1 Prof. G.Subramanya, University of Mysore  - Chairman
2 Commissioner of Sericulture, Department of Sericulture,  Road No.72, Prashasan Nagar, Adjacent to Water Tank, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500 033 (A.P.)  - Member
3 Commissioner for Sericulture Development & Director of Sericulture, 5th Floor, M.S. Building,  Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru 560 001- Member
4 Commissioner of Sericulture, Department of Sericulture, Government of Tamil Nadu, Foulk’s Compound, Anaimedu, Salem – 636 001 - Member
5 Director of Sericulture, Department of Sericulture, Government of West Bengal, 45, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, II Floor, Kolkata 700 013 - Member
6 Director of Sericulture, Department of Sericulture, Government of Uttarakhand,  Premnagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand - Member
7 Director, C.S.R.&.T.I., C.S.B., Manandavadi Road, Srirampura,  Mysore. - Member
8 Director, C.S.R.&.T.I., C.S.B., Berhampore 742 101, Murshidabad, West Bengal - Member
9 Director, C.S.R.&.T.I., C.S.B., Galander, National Highway – IA, P.B.No.88, G.P.O., Pampore 192 121, J & K - Member
10 Director, C.M.E.R.&.T.I., C.S.B., P.B.No.131, P.O.Lahdoigarh, Charali, Jorhat 785 700, Assam - Member
11 Director, C.T.R.&.T.I., C.S.B., Piska Nagri P.O., Ranchi 835 303, Jharkhand – Member
12 Director (Tech), Central Silk Board, Bangalore - Member
13 Dr. B.S. Angadi, former Director    - Member
14 Dr. Vemananda Reddy former Scientist - D,       - Member
15 Prof. M. Vijayendra,   - Member
16 Director, N.S.S.O., C.S.B., Bangalore  - Member Convenor (NSSO)
17 Scientist-D, S.S.T.L.,N.S.S.O., C.S.B., Carmelram Post, Kodathi,  Bangalore 560 035.- Member Convenor (SSTL)


A directory of its officers and employees.

The monthly remuneration received by each of its Officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations



Shri / Smt. / Mr.

Sl.No. Name of the Officer / Official Designation Pay
1 Dr. R.K. Mishra Director  138400
2 Sashindran  Nair ,K. Scientist-D 102800
3 Harlapur Vinod Krishnarao Scientist-D 102800
4 Dr. Srinivas, G Scientist-D 102800
5 Kalpana, P.K. Scientist-D 102800
6 Shivalingaiah, S Deputy Director(A & A)  85800
7 Thandapani, M Assistant Director(Computer)  91100
8 A.R.Prakash Assistant Director(A & A) 77700
9 Bharathi Vidhya Shankar Assistant Director(Stat) 82400
10 Rajeshwari L Assistant Director(A & A) 73200
11 Jayashree Assistant Director(OL)  87400
12 Vijayakumar Suptd.(Admn) 68000
13 Gayathri, K Suptd.(Admn) 58600 
14  Shylaja M Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  68000
15  Manjunatha, Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  54000
16  Gurunagaraja Sharma V Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  60400
17  Nagaraj K.S. Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  62200
18  Narasimaiah, N Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  58600
19  Prakash N Asst.Supdt(Admn.) 55200
20  Suresh, B.S Asst.Supdt(Admn.) 58600
21  Anil Babanrao Balapure Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  60400
22  Suresh, K Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  58600
23  Anjanappa V Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  68000
24  Chandra S Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  53600
25 Vijayalakshmi, M Asst.Supdt(Admn.)  49000
26 Eknath M Bidkar Asst.Supdt(Admn.) 49000
27 Saraswati B.N. Asst.Supdt(Admn.) 58600
28 Balraj, V Asst.Supdt(Admn.) 58600
29 Manjunath, S.R Asst.Supdt(Admn.) 68000
 30 Archana Srivastava Stenographer GR-I 60400
31 Nagarathna, R.J. Stenographer GR-I 60400
32 Jayammal, M Stenographer GR-II 60400
33 Kalaiarasi R  Stenographer GR-II  39200
34 Lakshmikanthamma, S UDC 42800
35 Rajashekar, V UDC  42800
36 Jagadeesh Kumar UDC 45400
37 Jamuna Rani, K UDC 42800
38 Shivaraman, G UDC 42800
39 Sekar V UDC
40 Chandraiah, K LDC 34000
41 Sudeendra, D.R. Technical Assistant  64100
42 Bellalappa,D Technical Assistant  60400
43 Annapurna H.S Technical Assistant 55200
44 Mohammad Safeer Ahmad Driver   53600
45 Ramachandra Naik Driver 50500
46 Ramappa C Driver  42800
 47 Sibgadhulla Khan, R.A. Staff Car Driver (SG)  53600
48 Nagendra Vodayar, Y.T. Multi Tasking Staff 38600
49 Amavasaiah Multi Tasking Staff 34000
50 Venkatappa T  Multi Tasking Staff   38600
51 Susheelamma G Multi Tasking Staff 34000
52 Nirmala T Multi Tasking Staff 28400
53 Manjula  Multi Tasking Staff 18000
54 Gangamma Multi Tasking Staff  18000
55 Gopal D Multi Tasking Staff 18646

+ other allowances

The budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursements made.
Grants-In-Aid ( Rs. in lakhs) Revolving Capital (Rs. in lakhs)
Schemes Allocation Expenditure Particulars Amount
Plan-General 1086.40 1099.22 Income 3903.08
Plan-Capital 698.50 306.07 Expenditure 3468.96
Plan-General (North East) 4.60 5.25 Income over Expenditure 434.14
PLan-Capital (North East) 164.75 8.36
Sub Total 1954.25 1418.90
Plan-Salary 6306.50 6028.57
Grand Total 8260.75 7447.47


The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes

Demo Content

Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it.

Our Franchise System for the sale of dfls:  

To further improve the distribution of the quality dfls produced in the grainages, NSSO has designed a new scheme which promotes the sale of incubated and chawki reared dfls through a network of franchises. The objective of the scheme is as follows:

  1. To strengthen NSSO’s marketing force with the involvement of private agencies to  improve silkworm seed production and distribution.
  2. To promote scientific incubation of silkworm seed and chawki rearing to enhance productivity.
  3. To ensure that the farmers are able to realize the difference in quality of  silkworm seed  to enable NSSO to develop a brand for the quality seed.

This scheme envisages the establishment of Franchise network attached to each SSPC with a target of 1.20 lakh dfls distribution/annum/franchise. The supply of dfls to franchise would be made at 10% (Cross breed) and 15% (Bivoltine hybrid) concessional rates. Besides, to support franchises to establish their fully equipped incubation centre a sum of Rs.25,000/- and to establish a Chawki Rearing Centre (CRC) a sum of Rs.1.00 lakh per franchise has been made available in the scheme as per the requirement. The equipment worth above mentioned sum will be supplied to franchises to run their units as per the design for seed handling including developing robust silkworms. The scheme is initially operational for a period of three years but can be extended with mutual agreement.

The eligibility criteria to become a franchise of NSSO are:

  1. Reputed NGOs, Quality Clubs, Self Help Groups, Private CRCs, private companies promoting cocoon production and lead farmers will be eligible for franchise.
  2. They should have proven credentials in silkworm seed distribution and chawki rearing.
  3. Essential infrastructure like incubation room, mulberry garden, chawki rearing facilities, testing, etc. should be available.

At present there are 9 franchisees enrolled with NSSO for the supply of incubated and chawki reared dfls.

Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form.

NSSO is having its own web site “” .for displaying information pertain to this Head Office and units  and display tenders, notices etc.for mass information.

The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use.
No. Facility available Description
1. Library More than 10,000 books and around 100 national & international journels related to sericulture for reference in CSB Library.
2. Kiosk Provide vital information on sericulture technologies, cocoon and raw silk prices, etc. for the farmers in English and Kannada.
Names, Designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers

For seeking information from NSSO, Bangalore under RTI Act' 2005, applications should be addressed to the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and the Demand Draft/Banker Cheque/Indian Postal Order should be drawn in favour of Director, NSSO, Bangalore.  The Incharge-Officers of all the SSPCs, BSFs and SCPCs are Assistant Public Information Officers.  List of Central/ Assistant Public Information Officers (CPIO/APIOs) of  NSSO,Bangalore is listed below.

No. Name & Designation Area of Work Contact Details Officer Senior to the CPIO and first Appellate Authority
1. Dr. R.K. Mishra, Director Overall Incharge   +91 80 26680387
  nssoban.csb AT
CEO & Member Secretary,
Central Silk Board,
  +91 80 26680190
  ms.csb AT
2 Dr. Sasindhran Nair Scientist-D All issues related to Technical, Research, Budget, accounts, bills &  audit, Establishment, Store Purchase, legal, labout and others    +91 80 26282402
  nssoban.csb AT
3. Shri S. Shivalingaiah. Deputy Director(A & A) All issues related to Technical, Research, Budget, accounts, bills &  audit, Establishment, Store Purchase, legal, labout and others   +91 80 26282418
  nssoban.csb AT