Vision and Mission


To become an organization of International repute par-excellence in quality mulberry silkworm seed production.



To achieve excellence in quality silkworm seed production to transform the Indian Sericulture industry from subsistence level of production to a vibrant competitive commercial production enterprise.

Mandate and Function


  • Maintain, multiply and supply reproductive seed true to the breeds’ traits/characteristics
  • Produce commercial silkworm seed meeting the prescribed quality standards
  • Introduce new systems/technology in silkworm seed production and provide quality leadership
  • Guide and bring-in excellence in silkworm seed production by imparting training and technology transfer



  • Introduction and propagation of productive silkworm hybrids and high yielding mulberry varieties for improving the yield and quality of cocoons and silk
  • Commercial exploitation of newly authorized silkworm hybrid varieties
  • Large scale production of bivoltine hybrid seed to bridge the gap in seed supply
  • Generation of trained manpower in large scale commercial seed production
  • Encouraging chawki rearing concept
  • Organizing farmers study tours from new states for promoting sericulture industry
  • Implementation of various provisions of Central Silk Board (Amendment) Act,2006.
  • Co-ordination and linkages with R&D Institutes and Departments of Sericulture to propagate new technologies
  • Transfer of proven technology to the farmers to help in increasing production/ productivity
  • Co-ordination of seed supply and extension related programme with respective state departments/research institutes and countries on request.
  • Disease monitoring through survey/surveillance.


Quality Policy

We at NSSO shall always strive to delight our customers by way of utmost satisfaction

  • Through production and in-time supply of high quality disease free layings
  • By continually improving the input, raw material quality and processes
  • By creating awareness among the staff about the latest technology advancements
  • By adopting latest technology available
  • By constantly horning the technical skills and upgrading the infrastructure
NSSO Values

Our values guide our decisions and interactions with Partners and Stakeholders……….

  • Embracing scientific excellence and working together ethically and with integrity in whatever we do.
  • Building trust and respect with our stakeholders, partners and colleagues, knowing that with trust comes accountability & responsibility
  • Igniting our creative spirit, exploring new horizons and creating an environment where innovation and quality thrive
  • Consistently delivering on our commitments. -We do what we say.
  • Striving towards improvement in productivity for sustainable sericulture
Our Core Competence

NSSO is the sole player or market leader in the following areas

  • Multiplication and distributions of component parental seed of all authorized hybrids through the BSFs.
  • Maintenance of all authorized breeds all three levels namely, P3, P2 and P1 as for the original breed characters as per the set scientific norms.
  • Supply of parental seed to Departments of Sericulture of various states on demand.
  • Production and supply of superior quality bivoltine silkworm hybrid and improved cross breed dfls to the field.
  • Self reliance for raw materials through generation of P1 seed cocoons following a system of adopting sufficient number seed rearers and quality linked pricing mechanism.
  • ISO certified management practices in place in all the silkworm seed production centres.
  • Expertise in silkworm egg preservation management and egg handling to thwart egg related eventualities
  • Strong marketing network and forward linkage through franchise Chawki Rearing Centres.
  • Farmers’ sensitization and awareness creation about the new technological developments though the SSCs and SSUs.
Our Methods

Our Methods..

  • Processing of good quality cocoons for production of high quality seed.
  • Generation of quality bivoltine parent seed cocoons through Adopted Seed Rearers (ASR) concept
  • Raising seed crop under technical supervision.
  • Supervision and examination of seed crop at different stage
  • Purchase of seed cocoons conforming to standards/norms by the purchase committee where seed crop rearer is also a member.
  • Pricing of seed cocoons is as per the quality linked pricing structure based on pupation rate in the presence of rearer.
  • Compulsory sorting, cutting and sex separation of pupae to avoid selfing and mixing of races in the case of Bivoltine hybrid preparation.
  • Management of optimum environmental conditions during egg production.
  • Handling of moths of different components races separately.
  • Mother moth examination following standard procedure.
  • Quality control checks at all stages i.e. incoming, in process and final stage
  • Complete process for handling non conforming production.
  • Supply of loose eggs in boxes for easy carrying and to avoid damage to egg
  • Supply of sheet eggs conforming to norm
  • Popularizing of incubated eggs supply and supply of incubated eggs on demand.
  • Proper accounting of expenditure and return
  • Permission to see and verify all the above processes as laid down in Right to information Act
  • Handling of customer complaints with appropriate analysis of the system