Implementation of the provisions of Central Silk Board (Amendment) Act, 2006 is one of the important portfolios of NSSO ever since the Act was promulgated by the Parliament of the Union of India.   The Director, NSSO is the Chairperson of the Registration Committee and is authorized to register and maintain the records of silkworm seed producers, commercial chawki rearers and seed cocoon producers apart from ensuring the adherence of quality norms at all levels of seed production.

The primary objective of the amendment is to see that silkworm seed sector is reformed by brining in quality adherence mechanism by way of registration of the entrepreneurs and monitoring production.  While the direct linkage between the producers and processors is envisaged without any regulatory interventions   production, possession, supply, distribution and trade of silkworm seed of any kind is regulated to the extent of maintaining the quality and disease freeness and a person who is not registered with the concerned authority is not allowed to involve in any of the aforesaid practices. Under the Act, seed cocoon producer, commercial silkworm seed producers, commercial chawki silkworm rearers and dealers in silkworm seed or chawki reared silkworm need to register them with the Registration Committee constituted by CSSC. To ensure production and supply of quality silkworm seeds with high production potential, it is mandatory that seeds of only authorized silkworm hybrids are produced and supplied.