The National  Silkworm Seed Organization has been utilising the Information Technology in various operations in the organisation for the past 25 years.  Silkworm Seed Production Centres, Basic Seed Farms, Seed Cocoon Procurement Centres, Cold Storage Plants which are back bone of NSSO are generating reports through the latest Computer Software which are benefiting them in data maintenance, reporting etc.,

MS-Office is used for general  Office Correspondence and installation of MS-Access programs due to which substantial progress has been made.  Computer Section of NSSO developed (in-house developed ) the following major applications and Information Systems which helped in generating required  reports expeditiously

The following are the Software developed :

  1. Stock and Issue Register

Stock and Issue Register for P1/P2/P3 and F1 Bivoltine layings hibernated and acid treated under different schedule for Cold Storage Plant, Mysore and Hosur.  Article published in  Indian Silk – July 2010

  1. Stock and Issue Register

Stock and Issue Register for P1/P2/P3 and F1 Bivoltine layings hibernated and acid treated under 20 days schedule for Cold Storage Plant, Mysore and Hosur.

  1. Seed Act Information System.

 Software for Seed Act application information entry and Certificate printing in bilingual using Unicode.

  1. Deployment and Vacancy Information System

 Deployment and Vacancy Information System of NSSO H.Q and nested units.  Installed in Establishment  Section, NSSO H.Q.

  1. Personal Information System for SFW / TSFW

Personal Information System for SFW / TSFW and Casual Laborers working under NSSO and its units.                   

  1. Debit – Credit – Balance (DCB) Accounting System

To Monitor the arrears and clearance of  outstanding DCB arrears against individual CSB official, State  Sericulture Departments and also Inter Unit Transactions.  Installed in DCB Section.

  1. DCB Accounting System for DOS 

Monthwise adjustment and posting of DCB arrears to units of NSSO received from various DOSs through Computerised Accounting System.  Installed in Working Capital Accounts Section.

  1. Miscellaneous Receipts Revenue and Miscellaneous Receipts Capital Accounting System  (MRR / MRC) 

 Software for accounting of Miscellaneous Receipts received at NSSO H.Q.  The system generates Month-wise  and remittance details received under Grants-In-Aid accounts.   Installed in  Accounts Section ( GIA).

  1. Vehicle Information System 

 The information of all the vehicles Register Number, condition of the vehicle, cost, distance  coveted etc., with  different types of reports.  Installed in Stores / Vehicle Section.

  1. Medical Bill Processing System 

 In order to process the medical bills received from officials quickly and accurately the software  has been developed with different types of reports and FAS formats also included.  Installed in Bills Section.

  1. Monthly Receipts and Payments for Grants-In-Aid 

 Menu driven system for consolidation of monthly Receipts and Payment accounts of NSSO and  its units for Grants-In-Aid.

  1. Monthly Receipts and Payments for Revolving Capital Account 

Menu driven system for consolidation of monthly Receipts and Payment accounts of NSSO and  its units for Working Capital Section.

  1. Asset Register, Balance Sheets , Annual Accounts, Budgetary Plans, Estimates etc.,

 The above software developed in MS-Excel with VB Script.  Installed in Grants-In-Aid and Working Capital Section.

  1. Software to download Payroll data 

Developed a software to download payroll data to Bank computer for easy processing.  The software has been installed in Central Office, NSSO H.Q., SSTL Kodathi, BSF, Mysore and SSPC, Mysore.

  1. Address Master

To print NSSO units addresses for the use of Despatch Section.

  1. Right to Information

Web based Intranet developed for RTI and uploaded in CSB website.

  1. File Register Information 

Software for Personal File Register information. Maintenance of File Registers.

  1. Increment calculation for NSSO Officials from Payroll System

Software for Increment calculation from Payroll System and issue of orders (Mail Merge).

  1. Chawki Rearing Centres Information System 

Developed a comprehensive software package for compiling, computing and  compassing data pertaining to the consumption of dfls by the CRCs enrolled under the  Discount Scheme  and then the discount availed of. Provisions have been incorporated in the  package to generate variety of  need based reports CRC-wise, SSPC-wise, Variety-wise, State- wise etc.,  

  1. Rearing performance of Basic Seed Farms 

Software developed for rearing performance of Basic Seed Farms with different types of reports.  Installed in         Technical Section.

  1. Recfication / Modification of the listed programs developed by M/s. Faculty India, Bangalore and Central Office, Bangalore.
  1. Childrens Education Allowance System
  2. Income Tax package
  3. Financial Accounting System
  4. Payroll System
  5. Tax Deduction at Source
  6. Release of Grants to NSSO units.
  1. Looking after changes / errors / modification in windows based newly developed Financial Accounting System and Payroll System
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