Cold Storage Plants are an integral part of silkworm seed production system. In the mulberry sector, bivoltine and multivoltine basic seed, produced at the Basic Seed Farms and their commercial silkworm hybrid seed produced at Silkworm Seed Production Centres are preserved here. In order to enable an uninterrupted and continuous supply of basic and commercial seed to the different agencies spread across India, the bivoltine silkworm seed is consigned at these Cold Storage Plants in different hibernation schedules viz., 4, 6 and 10 months. Short and long term consignment of crossbreed dfls, systematic incubation and release of the dfls after satisfactory test hatching within the safety period are carried out at the cold storages.

NSSO has three Cold Storage Plants located at Mysore and Hosur in the south and at Dehradun in the north zone and these units are merged with their respective seed production centres. The cold storage units are being monitored on continuous basis for trouble free functioning through Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to ensure timely supply of silkworm seed to the concerned stake holders.