R & D Centers

Established in 1975, it is a premier organization catering to the need of quality silkworm seed in the country. It helps in introduction and popularisation of new high productive breeds and helps the other research organization in fine tuning technologies. In recent years, NSSO is playing a role of quality leader and supporting the production of high grade silk by way of meeting substantial requirements of quality seed in the country. It promotes the production of commercial silkworm seeds with quality tag.

Basic and Commercial Silkworm Seed Support

  • The National Silkworm Seed Organisation (NSSO), Bangalore (Karnataka) has a network of 16 Basic Seed Farms, 16 Silkworm Seed Production Centres, and one bivoltine P1¬†Silkworm Seed Production Centre located at various places in the country.
  • The Basic Seed Farms (BSFs) supply parent seed to the Departments of Sericulture in various States based on their request. The commercial silkworm seed produced by NSSO supplements the production by States.