The success of any new technology developed by a research institute lies in its effective transfer from lab to land. This needs to be supported by proper monitoring and extension network to ensure its success. In addition, the personnel involved in transfer of technology should be well versed and trained with detailed knowledge on the latest technologies. The main activity of NSSO is maintenance and multiplication of basic seed, large scale commercial dfl production, distribution of dfls and transfer of technology. For achievement of targeted dfl production, generation of parental seed cocoons through Adopted Seed Rearers (ASR) is the main concept which has tremendously helped NSSO to realise its goel.

Realising this, it was felt appropriate to refresh the knowledge of these ASRs with knowledge on proven technologies on various aspects of maintenance of mulberry garden, silkworm rearing both young and late age rearing, mounting care of mature worms, harvesting of cocoons, disease control, importance and methods of disinfection, etc.,