The CRC Discount Scheme is implemented by NSSO in Southern India since last five years.  The annual target to be eligible for benefits under the scheme is maintained at 50,000 DFLs. The Organization, subsequently made a strategic decision to limit the discount to 15% on the cost of bivoltine hybrid DFLs.  The scheme was planned and implemented for promotion of bivoltine sericulture in India.


Implementation Procedure and Guidelines

  • Any silkworm Chawki Rearer holding a valid Registration Certificate under the Central Silk Board (Amendment) Act, 2006 are eligible to enroll himself/herself for availing of the discount by applying through an SSPC in the prescribed format.
  • The head of SSPC examines the facts and forwards the application to the NSSO Head Quarters with a recommendation.
  • After scrutiny, NSSO may accept the application and convey the approval and allows the discount from the date as indicated in the intimation.
  • The concerned SSPC collects the indent for layings well in advance.
  • An enrolled Chawki Rearer is eligible for a discount of 15% on the cost of the bivoltine DFLs in any given batch.
  • The enrolled Chawki Rearers are eligible for the discount only on buying a minimum of 2500 DFLs in any given batch.
  • The discount is allowed on non cash purchase on the bill raised against the name of the registered Chawki Rearer only.
  • There will not be any restriction whatsoever in terms of territory e., any SSPC under NSSO may allow discount to the CRCs enrolled under this scheme regardless of the areas they belong to, provided the conditions laid down in this scheme are strictly adhered to. To facilitate this, the latest updated list of enrolled CRCs will be made available along with the consolidated monthly reports prepared for the monthly review meetings, every month.

  • Each enrolled CRC is bound to buy a minimum of 50000 DFLs a year from the SSPC(s) of NSSO under this scheme. On failure to meet the annual target, the continuance of such CRC will be reviewed and appropriate decision will be taken.

  • Any mis-utilization of the discount extended will be viewed seriously and the CRCs involved will be disqualified from availing of future benefit.

  • The Head of SSPCs, shall popularize the scheme and invite the entrepreneurs to get themselves enrolled.


Updated List of CRCs for discount as on 1-2-2017