Thirty two Sericulture Service Centres function to supply quality silkworm seed, technically supervise rearing and help farmers to increase productivity and quality of output through transfer of advanced proven technologies. They also assist SSPCs in generation and supply of quality bivoltine seed cocoon through adopted seed rearers to improve the productivity and help in sustaining quality / standards and collect field data as feed back information on technology adoption / effectiveness and overall impact.

Activities / Mandate :

  • Transfer of technology through extension programmes such as group discussions, farmers meet, demonstration and field days for popularisaion of mulberry cultivation and rearing technology
  • Distribution of incubated silkworm eggs on cost basis and cop supervision besides attending to requests made by other farmers
  • Collect feed back on crop performance and disease monitoring activities
  • Co-ordinate supply of cuttings and saplings of improved mulberry variety
  • Adoption of improved technologies under Insittute Village Linked Programme (IVLP)

Sericulture Service Units

Twenty nine Sericulture Service Units function to assist SSCs / SSPCs in distribution of silkworm seed.