Extension education deals with educating farmers in sericultural technology related matters in an informal way. National Silkworm Seed Organisation, being an extension agency, representing Central Silk Board has been playing a major role in disseminating improved technologies and related skills apart from implementing the central sector schemes for enhancing technology adoption  at  Chawki Rearing (CRC level) and late age rearing (farmers level).  NSSO with its strong network of Sericulture Services Centres and units (19 SSC / 8 SSU) located in rural areas of major silk growing states is transferring technical know-how to the stake holders in different states through conducting various extension communication programmes, personal visists and demonstrations.  As a part of technology dissemination the extension centres are also involved in distributing the silkworm seeds of existing and as well as new hybrids apart from generating and procuring seed cocoons for silkworm seed production centres of NSSO and Private RSPs to produce commercial hybrid seeds.

The extension units conducted various extension communication programmes for improving technology adoption at farmers’ level. The group discussion were conducted to understand the constraints in technology adoption and the farmers’ meet were conducted to teach the skills involved in technology adoption.

Activities / Mandate 

Transfer of technology through extension programmes such as group discussions, farmers meet, demonstration and field days for popularisaion of mulberry cultivation and rearing technology.

  • Distribution of incubated silkworm eggs on cost basis and cop supervision besides attending to requests made by other farmers.
  • Collect feed back on crop performance and disease monitoring activities.
  • Co-ordinate supply of cuttings and saplings of improved mulberry variety.
  • Adoption of improved technologies under Insittute Village Linked Programme (IVLP).

Study Tour Programmes – NSSO H.Q is involved in coordinating and conducting various study tour programmes for farmers. During the study tour, the farmers of different areas will be exposed to fellow-farmers of a different region practising improved technology. The tour-programmes are arranged based on extension principle “Seeing is believing”.  The farmer to farmer interactions during study tour programmes help in word of the mouth spread of technology, which the farmers feel, more incredible.

Catalytic Development Programme

  • Assistance for construction of rearing houses for Adopted Seed Rearers of NSSO
  • Franchisee disinfection programme


Institute Village Linkage Programme (IVLP)

Technologies identified for Transfer of Technology under IVLP 

  1. Mulberry Cultivation
  • Soil Testing
  • High Yielding Mulberry Varieties
  • Wider Spacing
  • Seri waste recyclying through vermicompost.
  • Plant Protection measures

    2. Silkworm Rearing

  • Incubation of eggs
  • Disinfection
  • Shoot rearing technology and bed spacing
  • Ventilation in silkworm rearing
  • Popularization of rearing chawki worms

     3. Extension communication methods

  • Training and visit system
  • Group discussions
  • Farmers Meet / Field day
  • Study tour Programmes

     4. Cluster Promotion Programme :

NSSO is coordinating the extension activities of 16 bivoltine clusters in south India to promote bivoltine silkworm  rearing, thereby increasing bivoltine raw silk production in the country.