NSSO procures seed cocoons through the Seed Cocoon Procurement Centres located in the south zone. These centres plan, monitor and generate the bivoltine and multivoltine seed cocoons by brushing P1 dfls of authorised breeds with the identified Adopted Seed Rearers. SSPCs also monitor the seed crop rearings and these cocoons are produced based on quality linked pricing system.

NSSO established an important centre at Multivoltine Seed Area to cater for the needs of Silkworm Seed Production centers. Keeping this in view three units viz., Seed Cocoon Procurement centre (SCPC), Kunigal, P3 Basic Seed Farm (BSF), Nagenahalli and P1 Graingae (P1 Gr.), Chikkmalavadi units are functioning with separate mandates.

  • Procurement of Pure Mysore seed cocoons as per the indent of SSPCs of NSSO from 10 cocoon markets in Kunigal Seed Area.
  • Supply of Pure Mysore seed cocoons to 12 SSPCs of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh for preparation of CB layings.
  • Supply of P1 Pure Mysore dfls to 18 Adopted Seed Rearers (ASRs), monitoring of seed crop, procurement and supply of seed cocoons to SSPCs of NSSO.
  • Co-ordination with Seed Areas of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh for effective organization of Pure Mysore Seed Cocoons supply to SSPCs of NSSO.


SCPC, K.R.Pet is the only centre which generates bivoltine seed cocoons and during the year the centre distributed 48419 P1 dfls and procured 82.61 lakh seed cocoons, which were supplied to DOS of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and SSPCs of NSSO in the south.

SCPC, Kunigal and Denkanikottai located in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are multivoltine cocoon procurement centres. Kunigal distributed 15201 P1 multivoltine dfls and generated 50.23 lakh cocoons. Similarly, Denkanikottai distributed 17095 P1 dfls and generated 61.78 lakh seed cocoons. These cocoons were utilised at the SSPCs for cross breed dfl production.