• Research works related to silkworm seed technology.
  • Silkworm disease monitoring survey and management.
  • Transfer of Technology to various stakeholders.
  • Training on various aspects of technology.
  • Silkworm Seed Quarantine
  • Designated as Central Seed Testing Laboratory under Central Silk Board Seed Act


The thrust areas

  • To undertake adoptive research on different aspects of silkworm seed production.
  • Standardisation of seed cocoon processing and egg handling techniques.
  • Studies on the control of silkworm diseases and monitoring of pebrine at various seed multiplication levels.
  • Evolving suitable hibernation schedules for preservation of bivoltine eggs under tropical condition.
  • Studies on growth and development of silkworm embryo under optimal and varied climatic condition.
  • Studies on long term preservation of pure multivoltine and Bivoltines.
  • Collection and evaluation of field data on seed production and incidence of all silkworm diseases at various levels of basic seed and commercial seed production centres.
  • Imparting training in seed production techniques and seed crop rearing both at National and International level.
  • Development of Solar passive energy model rearing house for silkworm rearing.
  • Test verification of disinfectants
  • Establishment of 3 Vanya Silkworm Seed Technology laboratories.


To fulfil the above objectives, many research projects were formulated since 1992 in the areas of silkworm egg production technology, seed crop rearing, silkworm seed pathology, developmental biology, reproductive physiology and biochemistry, moriculture, extension and farm management. The technologies developed were demonstrated in the Silkworm Seed Production Centres (SSPCs), Basic Seed Farms (BSFs), LSPs and Seed rearers in the seed area, at farmers level, etc.


To develop need based and user friendly technologies for quality silkworm seed production.


To disseminate and popularize the developed and proven technologies in the field for the benefit of silkworm seed sector

Major Research & Development Activities

Silkworm seed technology and physiology

  • Silkworm Pathology
  • Extension
  • HRD/Training

Technologies Developed

  • General disinfectant, Decol
  • Silkworm bed disinfectants; Rakshak & Resham Jyothi
  • Improved methods of pebrine detection
  • Development of model solar energy based rearing silkworm house
  • Cocoon level sex separation
  • Egg incubation and block boxing
  • Egg preservation/Hibernation schedules for Bivoltine and Univoltine breeds & hybrids.
  • Long term preservation technology for CB eggs.
  • Loose egg production techniques.
  • Low temperature preservation technology for seed cocoons and moths.
  • Embryo isolation techniques for effective handling of silkworm eggs.
  • Eri egg preservation techniques.


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