NSSO is a vast organization spread across various states in India where mulberry sericulture is practised, principally for distribution of high quality silkworm seed to the farmers and to provide technical inputs. Apart from this, Basic Seed Farms, Silkworm Seed Production Centres, Seed Cocoon Procurements Centres and Cold Storage Plants have been established with varied objectives such as maintenance, multiplication and supply of basic seeds of multivoltine and bivoltine silkworm pure breeds, production and distribution of bivoltine, multi x bivoltine and multi x multivoltine

silkworm hybrid dfls, crop monitoring and procurement of seed cocoons for seed production and preservation of commercial hybrid dfls for periods ranging from 20 days to 10 months, apart from preserving limited quantities of P1 dfls. These activities are planned, monitored coordinated and evaluated on regular basis by the NSSO headquarters situated at the Central Silk Board complex, Bangalore.

While the activities of the units in the southern India are directly overseen by the headquarters, those of East and North East India are monitored through Zonal Silkworm Seed Organisation (ZSSO) located at Raiganj in West Bengal and those of North India are overseen by ZSSO, Majra, Dehradun in Uttarkhand.

In addition to this, NSSO Headquarters takes up the following important works:

  • Implementation of Central Silk Board (Amendment) Act, 2006
  • Implementation of CRC Discount Scheme
  • Planning, coordination and supply of layings for Authorization Trials
  • Preparation of Annual Action Plan and monitoring of its execution
  • Implementation of various Schemes under Five Year Plan.
  • Coordination of Cluster Promotion Programme (CPP)
  • Monitoring and coordination of Institute Village Linkage Programme (IVLP)
  • Scientific Advisory Committee meetings and Uniform Price Administration committee meetings
  • Coordination and supply of seed cocoons for Private Registered Seed Producers
  • Monitoring of adherence by Silkworm Seed Production Centres to the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008


National Silkworm Seed Organization
Central Silk Board
Ministry of Textiles-Govt. of India
CSB Complex, B.T.M. Layout
Madiwala, Bangalore-560068
Karnataka, India

c1 +91-80-26282699, 26282400, Director: +91-80-26683251
c4 +91-80-26680387
c3 nssoban.csb@nic.in